Counselling is a particular way of helping that differs from most other relationships in a client’s life.

The counsellor seeks to establish a safe time and place where the client may explore whatever is important to them, in a genuine, accepting, respectful and interested way. This is achieved in part by establishing a framework that both commit to, covering aspects such as confidentiality, commitment, frequency of sessions, limitations, fees, etc.

But a key part of establishing a therapeutic environment is the counsellors way of being. Of being a real and genuine human being seeking a deep empathic understanding of their client’s world and the difficulties they face.

A counsellor does not offer advice or offer solutions to client’s problems but works with the client to discover their own wisdom and their own solutions.

Counselling is about empowerment, gaining new insight and new perspectives. It looks at past, present and future, and the interplay between them.

Difficulties and problems where counselling can help include:

• Depression and low mood
• Anxiety, worrying and panic attacks
• Decision making
• Bereavement and loss
• Lack of Self confidence
• Personal development, growth and self awareness
• Confidence building
• Low self esteem or self worth
• Alcohol or drugs dependency
• Impact of abuse and violence
• Life changing events
• Loss of meaning or purpose in life
• Relationship and family problems

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