Services & Fees

Counselling and Life Coaching services are delivered on a one to one basis at the practice in Old Windsor, which is also my home.

Counselling often incorporates a degree of coaching, especially where a client identifies an objective they wish to pursue. And similarly, life coaching can touch deeper emotional issues that may impact a clients ability to achieve their life goals. Both therapist and client monitor the potential movement between counselling and coaching and the services provided can be modified with joint agreement.

Sessions usually last 60 minutes and the fee is £50 payable at each session in cash, by cheque or timely bank transfer.

The first session aims to understand more about the issue or difficulty you would like to address, why you think you have this problem and how we might work together to seek change. I will also explain more about counselling/coaching and the commitments we would both make to the process. Most of the first session is actually experiencing the process of counselling/coaching. The fee for the first session is also £50.

Missed sessions or late cancellations (less than 24 hours notice) are charged at £25.

Appointments are only available during the day, Monday to Friday. Early appointments (8am) are available for clients who then often carry on to work and the latest appointment each day is at 4pm. Further details are explained in the initial session.

Counselling sessions are initially held weekly on the same day at the same time, but that is not always the case and a more flexible approach to meeting can help with busy schedules.

The likely length of counselling may be discussed during the first few sessions and subject to periodic review. Counselling can be long term depending the issues that are uncovered and how deep the client wishes to explore them. However, counselling can be short term too. Until we start to explore and uncover the issues that are affecting your life, it is difficult to predict.

Life coaching services also take place at the practice in Old Windsor. The frequency of coaching sessions can more flexible than counselling and are not necessarily weekly. Coaching usually requires a minimum of four sessions but can be significantly more.

Mindful Living and Meditation can be learnt and developed as a personal practice and way of being. To deepen our awareness of the way we live in ways that enable change to occur. Often in similar ways to counselling outcomes rooted in changes to self awareness and acceptance.

The form of Mindfulness and Meditation I teach is informed by Western (secular) Buddhism that includes the ethical aspects sometimes marginalised in modern Mindfulness training.

I usually teach Mindfulness and Meditation in a group setting at the premises of external bodies and organisations. Groups are typically held once or twice a month for 60-90 minutes. Fees available on request with reductions for charities.

Please note that I have a small dog. He’s is an 10 year old Yorkshire Terrier called Max and is from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. He has had a troubled life and can be a bit nervous, so I leave the counselling room door open for him to come in and out rather than be separated.

He barks when the door bell rings, will want to say an enthusiastic hello, but usually soon settles down to sleep whilst I am with clients.